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​​​Transforming The Achievement Gap

In Philadelphia alone, we have statistics on 153 of the lowest-performing elementary schools where the math proficiency is 10.5 % and reading is 23.5 %

Throughout our state and around the country these statistics are repeated in school district after school district. 

This starts at home and can end there.

Through our hands-on parenting workshops and our amazing learning software donated by www.brillkids.com, we can literally turn the in a short period of time.

Voices of Veterans .

Our Mission is to ensure that everyone has the proper training, opportunities, and technology to advance their Academic, Economic, and Social futures. 

Rolfing Babies & Children

, a playground, took kids and their families to volunteer Army dentists, built a health clinic, and had Army doctors and a nurse visit every Wednesday, they also built a boy scout lodge, playground, and fed an orphanage once a week.

This began to fuel Robert's passion to make a difference. 

10 years after Vietnam Robert began studying Rolfing directly with DR Rolf.

In 1978 Dr. Ida P. Rolf asked our founder Robert Toporek an Advanced Certified Rolf Practioner to implement and manage a project to demonstrate, document, and promote the benefits of Rolfing for babies and children. This was initially called "The Children's Project".

Robert produced an award-winning video and a monograph entitled "The Promise of Rolfing".

He has also published a number of articles on the subject. 

Robert and Dr.Rolf both knew that Rolfing babies at an early age made a significant and possibly scientific  difference in their neuromuscular development

Robert has worked with kids with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Scoliosis, Aspergers, as well as other kids with developmental challenges. 

Robert is now raising a substantial amount of money $250,000- $ 500,000 to work with women and children that are survivors of domestic abuse and or have children with developmental challenges. 


In 1995 Robert began to take his healing work to one of Philadelphia' most challenged neighbourhoods. He set up his Rolfing table on the sidewalk and offered free sessions to kids in the area. As time went on other volunteers joined the mission giving kids free massages, books, art supplies, athletic and music equipment. They also cleaned up the area and built a playground. in the summer of 1997, Robert and his volunteers began distributing over 50 computers to the families at 9th & Indiana 

In 1998 Robert began to expand this effort worldwide

This led to the evolution of "The Children's Project" to TeamChildren 

Our technology inclusion mission. 

Despite the fact that we live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, poverty and poor education are still rampant. Today technology can make a difference yet far too many families do not have a home computer. Many schools are still using outdated equipment. 

Each day, older and slower computers are discarded because they are not equipped with all of the latest technological advances. Our mission is to re-purpose them to ensure that every child has access to the use of a computer in the comfort and safety of their home, every school has adequate computers in the classroom, and no social service organization is without the technological tools to accomplish their goals

 By simply writing a letter explaining the need for one of our low-cost computers or devices, families obtain devices necessary to better educate their children. help us spread the word.

With your help, we can become better known throughout communities that would benefit from our mission. 


With Robert Toporek's professional Rolfing skills, TeamChildren is able to combat the obstacles that poverty-stricken families and children face by connecting the power of touch and technology. Rolfing and massage have been proven to be beneficial for babies and children with regards to health and brain development. By combining Rolfing/massage with technology, TeamChildren is working towards a better future for children, one child at a time.

From High Touch To High TECH 

The Power and Importance of Touch 


​​            Touch is by far the most interesting and necessary of the “five senses”. Any movement requires an acute awareness of one’s own body which is gained through proprioception, an internal form of tactile sense. The sense of touch develops before all other senses in embryos and is the main way in which infants learn about their environment and bond with other people. This sense never turns off or takes a break, and it continues to work long after the other senses fail in old age.

Throughout life, people use their sense of touch to learn, protect themselves from harm, relate to others, and experience pleasure. Interestingly, positive touch from others is necessary for an individual’s healthy development.

Despite the presence of all other life requirements, without this positive touch infants will fail to thrive.

Compared to the other senses, touch is very hard to isolate because tactile sensory information enters the nervous system from every single part of the body. As a result, very little research has been done on touch.

However, recent studies have attempted to map how the sense of touch works and how a simple stroke of the skin can alter an individual’s health and behavior.

By Crystal Leonard