Prevent the Summer Brain Drain

TeamChildren aims to ensure that every child has the tools and opportunities necessary to contribute and compete effectively in the digital environment of the 21st century.

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  • the gap between those who have access to technology and those who do not
  • ​by providing those in need with computers, we aim to end the digital divide 
  • the loss of information learned throughout the school year over summer vacation​
  • can be prevented with TeamChildren's advanced learning software, BrillKids

Here at TeamChildren, we recognize the need of families and children to gain better technology. By simply writing a letter explaining the need for one of our low-cost computers or devices, families obtain devices necessary to better educate their children. The need for technology is prevalent throughout homes and schools today, and with your help, we can become better known throughout communities that would benefit with our help. 

Each day, older and slower computers are discarded because they are not equipped with all of the latest technological advances. Our mission is to re-purpose them to ensure that every child has access to the use of a computer in the comfort and safety of their home, every school has adequate computers in the classroom, and no social service organization is without the technological tools to accomplish their goals. 

With Robert Toporek's professional rolfing skills, TeamChildren is able to combat the obstacles that poverty-stricken families and children face by connecting the power of touch and technology. Rolfing and massage have been proven to be beneficial for babies and children with regards to health and brain development. By combining rolfing with technology, TeamChildren is working towards a better future for children, one child at a time.

Our goal

End the Digital Divide

Bridge the Achievement Gap

  • the observed disparity between the success of people with higher and lower socioeconomic statuses
  • ​with more access to technology, low-income families can escape the seemingly never-ending cycle of poverty