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Reviews for Hands-on Parenting

"It is a great book. Not only is it about massage, with intricate and detailed steps, it is a philosophy of living, with overall points about living carefully and fully. The step by step process you outline for aiding children required great detail in writing and you did it extremely well. Having written and copy-edited a number of books myself I can recognize and appreciate a good job when it is done and the effort that went into your book. I very much liked some of the insights in your philosophy of living, your distinction between reacting and responding, your mention of the Rolfing a Downs syndrome child who eventually graduated from college, and your story about Emperor Frederick II."

By John J. Schrems, Professor Emerituson January 5, 2018 • Read More Reviews

Our Mission:

To ensure that every family has the tools, training, opportunity, and technology to transform their academic, economic, and social future.

High Touch Initiative

Team Children began as a project by Robert Toporek, an Advanced Certified Rolf Practitioner since 1975, and Dr. Ida P. Rolf, the founder of Rolfing/Structural Integration. The initial purpose was to document, demonstrate and promote the benefits of Rolfing for babies and children. Since Dr. Rolf’s death in 1979, Robert has substantially expanded that initial effort. Robert has published a monograph and an award-winning documentary entitled “The Promise of Rolfing Children.” He has Rolfed over 300 families beginning as early as day one, and he has either photographed or videotaped each client. Robert recently published a book, Hands-On Parenting: A Natural Guide to Happier, Healthier, Smarter Kids and Parents. This book and its messages are beginning to make a worldwide difference.

In addition to creating funding for Team Children, Robert is committed to creating and funding a Pediatric Rolfing/Massage Research and Training Center.

In 1971, Robert was awarded a one-year leadership development fellowship by the Ford Foundation. This enabled him to study extensively with some of the top leaders in the field of human potential. Robert is also a decorated Vietnam veteran.

At Team Children, our volunteers are passionate about the power and importance of touch and technology to make a worldwide difference.

From High Tech to High Touch​

Making a Worldwide Difference

One Child at a Time

High Tech Initiative

​Our mission is to provide families and organizations with the technological tools they need to compete and contribute to our rapidly changing global economy. From distributing low-cost refurbished computers to families, schools, and organizations to providing the opportunity for young people and teens to learn the art of refurbishing computers, we have a remarkable record of accomplishments.

Since 1998, our technology project has evolved from distributing computers in one of Philadelphia’s most distressed neighborhoods to distributing more than 17,000 computers throughout our region and beyond. We have impacted the academic, economic, and social future of more than 80,000 kids. In addition, we have given over 1,000 young adults the opportunity to develop technology skills by volunteering with us.

Every computer we distribute is programmed with incredible learning tools. We strive to ensure that anyone, from toddlers to senior citizens,  can learn anything they want with a click of their mouse.​